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Dawn Howard
09:16:27 AM
My babies Pepper and Scrappy were born in 2015 they both have been a joy to my heart. I’m super excited for my next Yorkie. Thank you so much Joann. When you have an amazing breeder who really takes care of the pups and the mother it shows.
Dawn Howard
08:58:39 AM
I picked up Pepper
10:48:34 AM
We picked our baby boy up from JoAnn in Dec. 2016. She was super nice and knows a lot about her pups. She is always willing to help with questions about the pups. Our Nikko is now 7 months and a big part of our family. Thanks JoAnn I'm glad we got our baby from you!
Angela Locke
07:53:29 PM
Hello JoAnn We purchase our yorkie Tyson from you in 2010. He is still wigh us, just hVe to come back and thank you again. He brings so much joy to my family every day. We thank you for him. Angela Locke
11:23:04 AM
Joann is a awesome breeder! I have purchased two of her babies. They are healthy and beautiful! She is always there if I have any questions. Thanks for all the love and care you give to your babies!! Your the best!
09:40:39 AM
Joann and her pups are awesome! We got Opie from her around Christmas 2015 and I was already calling her back for another little guy (Jax) 4 months later. If I can talk my husband into getting another one eventually Joann would be where I would get him/her from. They are so sweet, lovable, well mannered, and absolutely adorable. Opie came crate trained and just about completely paper trained also. Thank Joann :) We are so thankful for the wonderful additions to our family that wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for you!
Barbara Petty
07:54:12 AM
I bought a Yorkie puppy from Joann for my daughter birthday.One of the best things I ever did. We named her Misa.Shes beautiful full of fire and vinegar. She became part of the family instantly. Joann called to check on her after I bought her a few times.Witch tells me she cares for her pups, even after they leave her care. She always took the time to answer my question never seamed to be in a rush. Just wanted to say thank you Joann.